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Questions About Zen Golf

What is Zen Golf?

In addition to being the title of Dr. Parent's best-selling book, Zen Golf is the approach to golf (and life) that Dr. Joe teaches through his Keynote Speaking, private and group lessons, and game improvement literature and products.

How will Zen Golf improve my golf game?

By learning the techniques that allow you to "get out of your own way" you will allow your best swing to come through time after time.

What level of golfer will Zen Golf work for?

Dr. Parent works regularly with golfers at the very highest levels of the PGA and LPGA tours as well as with average club players and beginners. His methods have helped Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr reach world #1 rankings, as well as helping players break 70, 80, 90, 100, and even 120 for the first time.

How much will it cost?

Dr. Joe charges $300 per hour for in person and $240 per hour for phone consultations. For on-course instruction, extended discount rates are $1200 per half day and $1800 for a full day, with additional discounts for up to 4 players. Please call the office for scheduling, or for information about larger groups.

We strongly suggest that you read ZEN GOLF and/or ZEN PUTTING before scheduling instruction, to insure that you have an understanding of the methodology.

Are the Audiobooks the same as the hardcover books?

Yes, they are unabridged and read by Dr. Parent.

How long are the Audiobooks

ZEN GOLF is 4 hours 48 minutes long.

ZEN PUTTING is 5 hours 34 minutes long.

GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game is 2 hours 3 minutes long.

How long are the DVD’s

Taking Your Range Game to the Course is about 40 minutes long.

Putting With Confidence is about 40 minutes long.

Getting out of Trouble Part 1 is about 30 minutes long.

Getting out of Trouble Part 2 is about 30 minutes long.

What is Taking Your Range Game to the Course about

If you've hit the ball great on the range, and then experienced the frustration of not living up to your potential during the round, you'll appreciate this program from Dr. Joe Parent, author of Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game. He explains how to take your "A" game from the practice range and put it into action from the first tee to the 18th green. Includes instruction on an effective pre-shot routine, a good start off the tee, and commitment to every shot to swing with confidence.

What is Putting With Confidence about

Stroke-saving lessons from PGA Tour instructor Dr. Joe Parent, world-renowned mental game expert and author of the best-selling instruction book, Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game. Putting is the one place on the golf course where pros and amateurs should be on equal footing - not many of us can hit a 300-yard drive, but anyone can make a putt!

What is the difference between Getting out of Trouble parts 1 and 2?

All golfers hit into trouble. In this two-part lesson from Dr. Joe Parent, you learn how to get out!
Part 1: When You Miss the Fairway focuses on hitting crisp, powerful shots from fairway bunkers, awkward stances, and under branches; strategies to save strokes; and mental imagery to produce amazing recovery shots.
Part II: When You Miss the Green covers touch and distance control out of bunkers and thick rough; approaches to challenging lies around the green; and how to turn a potential double-bogey into a great par save.

Who can benefit from Zen Golf products

Any golfer who feels they do not play up to their potential, who believes they get in their own way, can benefit from reading or listening to the books, watching the videos, or scheduling a phone consultation or lesson.

What would you recommend?

If you haven’t read or listened to ZEN GOLF, that is the place to start.

How can I get help if I have a problem?

Either go to the contact us page, or call the office, 805.640.1046 during business hours (m-f 9:30-5:50 Pacific)

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